Bubba masters Augusta again

April 15th, 2014

ESPN – AUGUSTA, Ga. — In his life, Bubba Watson of Bagdad, Fla. (pop: 1,490), has purchased exactly one sport coat. It’s pink. He’s never worn it.
He has two sport coats he didn’t pay for. They’re green. He likes wearing those a lot.
He won his second one Sunday at the Masters, where, as usual, he spent the week turning golf upside down, inside out and every which way but normal.

For instance …

Q: What other pro do you know who would run a five-question trivia contest on his Twitter feed less than three hours before he was supposed to tee off in the final group of the biggest tournament of the year?
A: Nobody.
Q: What other pro do you know would answer the following question in his victory news conference this way? “Do you feel like this validates you as an elite player?”
Bubba: “No, no. I just got lucky enough to have two green jackets. … I’m just trying to keep my tour card. … I’m not out here for everybody to tell me how great I am. I play golf because I love it.”


A ‘Magnificent Blessing’: Bubba and Angie Watson share their adoption story

April 9th, 2014

ADOPTION SHARE- Bubba Watson. Respected golfer, beloved husband, adoptive father and committed Christian. In the history of golf, there has never been anyone quite like Bubba. Since showing up on the PGA scene, golf arguably has never been the same. With a youthful, laid-back persona, Bubba has taken is knack at golf and turned it into one more way he can live out his faith, stewart his gift, love his wife Angie, and be an example to his son Caleb.